48Volt Off-Grid Cabinet Configurator

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Build the perfect off grid cabinet adding Inverter, batteries, panels, generator and monitoring options to suit. Use our configurator below to select your desired components and then add to cart. Note that shipping will be invoiced and calculated separately.

The 48Volt Off-Grid Cabinet Solar System

The Maxxcell team have put together this cabinet system for those who want a plug and play pre-configured outdoor cabinet but don’t want to pay through the nose. Built around a choice of two Growatt or Victron inverters you have options to add batteries, panels and even Victron Cerbo GX monitoring at a fraction of the price of competing suppliers. This system is ideal for those that want to power a typical home or workshop, cabin, remote fire station, pump station or anything else that requires a full-size inverter.


Internal Battery Storage Max

5/6 kVA


8 kW

Max Solar Array


Power Output

5000W to 6000W Continuous (dependent on inverter choice)

Battery Storage/Capacity

Up to 12kWh of Aussie made Lithium Batteries (2 or 3 modules)

Max Solar Input (Per MPPT, More Can Be Added)

4000Watts to 8000Watts inverter dependent

Battery Voltage


Generator Input

220V - 240V inverter generator (Hardwired)

Automatic Generator Start

Yes (Programmed By GWOFFGRID)

Total System Weight

Up to 490kg (including solar, batteries & pre-wired cabinet)

Optional System Monitoring If Cerbo GX Option chosen

1. Victron Remote Management (Website Or Phone App)

2. Touch Screen Fitted To The Cabinet

Cabinet IP Rating

IP67 Wind, Dust, Water ingress protected

Downloadable Brochures + Manuals

The OFF-GRID Cabinet System Contains

Solax IP Rated Cabinet

The Solax IP Solar Cabinet is regarded as one of the best. Purpose built to contain off-grid solar systems. It contains all switching and connections and active cooling to keep the your system running for years to come. If you want to add additional battery capacity or an additional solar charge controller you can easily add a second indoor or outdoor cabinet to the system via expansion ports. 

solar inverter

A Choice of Inverters

From Growatt choose from the SPF5000ES with a high PV input voltage or the SPF5000TL with a low PV input voltage or the new SPF6000ES high PV dual input inverter. Growatt inverters are highly regarded for their reliability and ease of use. From Victron choose from the Multi RS Solar or the Easy Solar II inverter models in several sizes. Backed by the Victron 5 year warranty for the utmost piece of mind.

PowerPlus Eco 48V 4.0kWh LiFePO4 Modular Battery

The 48V Self Managed LFP battery with internal BMS offers you a safe lithium option for any solution that required reliability, ease of use and a product that outperforms others.

Choose from two or three internally mounted batteries or elect to install your own battery system. External PowerPlus Batteries can be added in the future for endless upgrade potential.

Able Diesel Generators

A choice of Able diesel generators can be added to the system to provide power to your loads and charge batteries should you be faced with excessive days of poor solar conditions. Auto start and stop is standard and is controlled by either the inverter or the Cerbo GX system if chosen.

A choice of solar panels

Jinko is the undisputed king of affordable yet reliable solar panels. With a range of panel sizesyou chose how many to add to your system or leave blank and connect to your existing array. The choice is yours.
All you need is to organise panel mounting but don’t worry, we can supply roof or ground mounts as part of your system.

Victron Energy Cerbo + GX System

Instantly monitor the battery state of charge, power consumption, generator input, and mains, or check tank levels. Start and stop the backup generator based on your pre-defined paramters. Use the 5″ touch screen or connect with your mobile or a web browser. Setup alerts or just watch the system remotely while you are away. We make Cerbo GX work with Growatt inverters and have been doing so for years. Of course if you elect to include one of the Victron inverter options you will have complete integration into the Cerbo GX monitoring suite.

Generator Information

ABLE generators are quite simply the best in the business. Yes, they have reliable diesel engines with a choice of genuine or clone Yanmar or Isuzu engines. Yes, they have a long warranty period. Yes, they have digital controls that integrate into the Cerbo GX monitoring suite. What really sets ABLE apart from the rest though is they’re after sales service and support. ABLE stand behind their generators and will bend over backwards to service you as a client. We sell ABLE generators because when we make a recommendation, we need to feel comfortable in making that recommendation as it reflects on us. Do it right the first time, select an ABLE generator for your backup power needs.

Off-Grid System Monitoring & Configuration


Lifetime Support

You aren't left in the dark with GWOFFGRID. You can instead call or email our support team with any questions or queries when you need to.

Full Colour Owners Manual

Our supplied hard cover owners manual covers everything from A-Z with your Off Grid System.

Pre Wired & Configured

Reduced installation costs due to less work for your electrician.​

Online System Monitoring

You can view your system anytime on your phone as long as your system is connected to the internet. This saves a lot of stress.​

Installation Requirements

Despite the vast majority of the work already being done for you with the GWOFFGRID Cabinet system, there are still final connections to be done that a licensed electrician should perform. Depending on the components you have chosen you may need to erect solar panels, wire up the backup generator and other works that by law require an A Grade electrician. Whilst this is the case for any off-grid system we are saving you thousands on your installation because all of the tedious work is done in our factory and pre-configured and tested before delivering to your location. So yes, you still need an electrician but at least you will only need them for a few hours not a couple of days.