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Affordable Solar Built for Australia

Switch to off grid solar power. It’s clean, safe, and renewable.
And we make it reliable & affordable, just for you.

Save Install Costs

The pre-made cabinet saves you thousands of dollars in installation costs

Up and running in a day

Happy Customers Who Bought Our Cabinets have reported hassle free installation

Power Plant Cabinet System

Installing off grid solar with your electrician can take days. Installing a GWOFFGRID Power Station typically takes 2
hours with only final connections needing to be made. The Power Station is pre-wired and pre-configured and is
shipped to you fully operational. Is your local sparky an off grid solar expert or is he beer off just hooking in the
Power Station?

Not Just Selling Boxes

GWOFFGRID can build your ideal system on a Pre-Made Board saving you time, money and the hassle of building the system yourself. Mount to the wall and make the final connections, job done!

Solar Products

GW OFFGRID bring together the best products, knowledge and advice for offgrid power centered around Maxxcell, Growatt and Victron inverters and batteries.

Everything in our highly curated product catalogue has been small batch imported, tested at real installations across Australia and then finally stamped with the GW OFFGRID seal of approval. We do not offer anything that we would not be happy with using ourselves. This is our Guarantee to you.


Maxxcell, Growatt and Victron inverters

Lithium Battery


Solar Storage Batteries for Home, Commercial or mobile / RV use.


Save money with product bundles. Get what you need with a nice little discount.

Most Ordered Products