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Growatt SC48120 MPPT 120A Solar Charge Controller 12/24/48V


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Solar charge controller for 12/24/48V batteries. Compatible with Lead/Gel and Lithium chemistry.

pro-ico5Integrated MPPT charge controller
pro-ico11Optional WIFI remote monitoring

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PV Volts 12V Battery18~50VDC
PV Volts 24V Battery34~100VDC
PV Volts 48V Battery60~145VDC
Max PV Open Circuit Voltage150VDC @ 48V Battery
Max PV Power 12V Battery1750W
Max PV Power 24V Battery3500W
Max PV Power 48V Battery7000W
Max Charging Current120A
Self Consumption Typical2w
MPPT Efficiency99.5%
ProtectionOverload,High voltage, high temp
Battery Charging
Battery TypeLithium, AGM, Flooded, User Defined
Charging Stages3-stage: Bulk, Absorption, FLoat, Equalise
Bulk Charge Voltage 12V14.1V
Bulk Charge Voltage 24V28.2V
Bulk Charge Voltage 48V56.4V
Bulk Charge Voltage User Defined48~58.4V DC
Float Charge Voltage 12V13.6V
Float Charge Voltage 24V27.2V
Float Charge Voltage 48V54.4V
Float Charge Voltage User Defined48~58.4V DC
Communications PortUSB (WIFI) BMS
Net Weight4.1Kg
Gross Weight4.7Kg
Dimensions (W/H/D)320/200/105mm
CoolingFan cooling
Protection DegreeIP20

Weight 4.7 kg