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It is well documented that a typical Aussie household only uses around 30% of it’s daily electricity during the day when the sun is shining. This means that if you have solar or are looking to get solar without a battery, your return on investment is severely hampered. You see a grid connected solar system simply sells power back to the grid for peanuts and then you buy that electricity back during the evening for an ever increasing amount of money. The system is rigged and the return on investment is getting longer and longer. Electricity is pegged to increase 35% in 2023 alone thanks to our politicians.

Real savings occur when you stop trying to sell back to the grid and instead harvest electricity from the sun and consume it all yourself day and night. You save real money by not buying electricity from the grid at all!

Of course there are degrees of this, a smaller battery will extend your free electricity a few hours into the evening. A medium sized battery might get you through till bedtime. A larger battery will get you through to the morning or go for several days in bad weather even to the point you could disconnect from the grid altogether. You can also supplement batteries with additional power generation like generators and wind turbines. The aim of the game is to reduce or stop electricity grid consumption because selling power back to the grid for 0.5c per kWh is a fools game.

Electricity is slated to increase 35% in 2023 alone thanks to our politicians.


Maxxcell 24-100LITE

Cast Aluminium and Steel encased LiFePO4 Cells combined with a rock solid BMS and strong 5 year warranty. Shock proof, able to withstand temperatures over 75 degrees Celsius. Can be mounted in areas with no ventilation. This truly is a bullet proof super high capacity Lithium battery. After 4000 cycles we warranty this battery to have 80% of its original capacity. Made from matched LiFePO4 cells and a custom BMS that uses the case material for heat dissipation, perfect for extreme conditions and ideal for mobile applications and solar storage

  • Usable Capacity 2560Wh / 100Ah / 2.56kWh
  •  Nominal Voltage 25.6V DC
  • Voltage range 20-30V DC
  • Max charge / discharge current 80A
  • Reccomended charge / discharge current 60A
  • Depth of Discharge 90%
  • Self Discharge <3% per month
  • Parallel capable to make 48V
  • Life cycle >4000 cycles @ 22 degrees

Question: Can I series 2 of these together for my 48V inverter?
Answer: Yes absolutely, this is the most common usage case. Many installations have multiple series sets, some up to 70kWh for off grid solar storage. 
Question: Can I put these in my motorhome or caravan?
Answer: Yes these batteries are ideal for mobile applications. They are strong, tough and can be mounted in tight spaces without ventilation.

Steven Chambers
Steven Chambers
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Just wanted to reach out and say these Lite batteries are awesome. I wanted something better than all the standard plastic case batteries out there. These 24V batteries are built like a tank and they stack! Will buy more.
Roger Annand
Roger Annand
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Hi guys just wanted to say the batteries arrived and they are heavy, in a reassuring way. I've got 8 now wired into a 48V battery for my inverter. Thanks for the setup help, very happy and will buy again.

Solar Storage is all about COST / KWH

It’s true, solar storage is really about cost per kilowatt hour. How many $$$ per unit of storage. The cheaper the storage cost, the more you can afford. The cheaper the storage cost, the quicker the payback period. Solar storage should not be an emotional decision, it should be a financial one. So, how does the Maxxcell 24-100 stack up against the competition?

Cost per Kilowatt Hour Excluding Installation
Tesla Powerwall 2 $1489 / kWh
Victron Lithium LiFePo4 $1390 / kWh
LG RESU10 $1190 / kWh
BYD Flex 48V $955 / kWh
Pylontech US3000 $845 / kWh
24-100Lite $440 /kWh

As you can see, a battery bank based on Maxxcell 24-100Lite lithium batteries is by far the best value solar storage around. The value gets better when you consider the cost of installation for these other battery systems. Tesla, BYD, LG, these systems must be installed by a professional costing thousands. Our batteries are low voltage and are simple with no complicated CANBUS communication, no provisioning servers, absolutely plug and play into any inverter looking for either a 24V battery or a 48V battery. You can do it yourself!


The Maxxcell 24-100MAX battery can be wired in parallel for 24V inverters or, series and series parallel for 48V inverters. To work out the capacity of the battery bank simply multiply the volts times the amp hours. Both of the battery banks below store 10.24kWh of storage. This is the minimum an off grid dwelling should hold.

The 24V battery below shows 4 x 100Ah batteries in parallel for a bank voltage of 24V. As the nominal voltage for these batteries is 25.6 volts we will use that in our calculation.
25.6 times 400Ah = 10,240 watt hours or 10.24kWh.

The 48V battery bank above show 4 x 100Ah 24V batteries wired in series parallel. 2 in series to create 48V and then a second series group in parallel.
To work out the capacity of this bank we use the following formula remembering that the nominal voltage of each battery is 25.6V.
51.2 times 100 = 5120 x 2 = 10,240 watt hours or 10.24Kwh

Whilst there is no technical  limit to how large the battery bank can be, there are practical limitations and the use of bus bars, junction boxes etc can greatly improve the efficiency and safety or large battery banks. Please discuss with us the building of any large off grid battery bank and we will gladly assist you with free advice and support. 


If your not ready to purchase and you have some more questions please get in touoch with us. We build battery and system packages day in day out. GW OFFGRID is dedicated to giving you the time to really understand, educate and walk through the off grid process. We believe in what we do, the products we sell and we have been doing this for a long time. Please get in touch with us, we love a chat.