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Houston, we have a PROBLEM

Australia commits to net zero by 2050 target

Start using your OWN electricity generated by the Sun and STOP selling back to the electrical companies for PEANUTS, making THEM MONEY Just to buy it back for 4 TIMES AS MUCH AS WHAT YOU SOLD TO THEM!

Our specially designed bundles are carefully put together and made for people like you who want the peace of mind that you are in control of what you pay for YOUR electrical consumption

All our products are quality fit to Australian Standards.

The quality and value of our products are GUARENTEED! Even WITH the government rebate you may get with a Grid Tied Solar System YOU STILL SAVE


    We are passionate about our OFFGRID systems and our customers! We are locally situated within Australia and can help with any questions or technical support needs!


    Let's face it, this stuff isn't commonly known by electricians who deal with grid tied electrical systems. Have peace of mind and speak to the experts with OFFRGRID systems knowledge in Australia


    This stuff is NOT cheap to deliver, but we deliver it free of charge Australia Wide! Yep even to remote locations! We are saving you hundreds of $$$ in delivery charges alone!

DC Junction Box
solar inverter
PV isolator


Industry leading inverter and battery bundle to start you on your way to energy independence.
Bundle and save $$$


One of the worlds largest and most trusted inverter brands


Australian distributor with local presence, knowledge and support


Australian battery brand with an industry leading warranty


Bundles are shipped for free Australia wide

Take The Guess Work Out Of OFFGRID SOLAR

Where do I start?
Is this compatible?
What battery should I use?

These questions going unanswered can lead to expensive problems as you try to put together a cost effective OFF GRID solar solution. 


GW OFFGRID bundles are quality proven products that work well together and have been installed throughout Australia. Not to mention the bundle price saves you hundreds of $$$ as well!


5.12kWh Storage Bundle

Inverter, Junction box, Solar isolator/fuse with 2 batteries

7.68kWh Storage Bundle

Inverter, Junction box, Solar isolator/fuse with 3 batteries

15.36kWh Storage Bundle

Inverter, Junction box, Solar isolator/fuse with 6 batteries

Growatt Inverters - Trust The Name Brand

solar inverter

From the largest inverter manufacturer in the world, Growatt’s off-grid range are feature packed and reliable with twice the industry standard off-grid inverter warranty.

  • 3000Watts AC Output Power

  • Integrated Solar Charger compatible with up to 1.5Kw of solar panels
  • Reliable compact weight saving transformerless design
  •  Surge up to 6000Watts for starting motors
  • 24V Battery input perfectly suited to Maxxcell 24V Lithium batteries

All Lithium Batteries Are Not Created Equal

Not your normal plastic battery from yesteryear!

Cast Aluminium and Steel encased LiFePO4 Cells combined with a rock solid BMS and strong 5 year warranty. Shock proof, able to withstand temperatures over 75 degrees Celsius. Can be mounted in areas with no ventilation. This truly is a bullet proof super high capacity Lithium battery. After 4000 cycles we warranty this battery to have 80% of its original capacity. Made from matched LiFePo4 cells and a custom BMS that uses the case material for heat dissipation, perfect for extreme conditions and ideal for mobile applications or, general solar storage.

DC Junction Box
solar inverter
PV isolator

Growatt 24V Off-Grid Bundles

I’m convinced! I want to bundle and save $$$. Show me the bundle savings!